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Bhoomaa Seeds produces and supply the quality seeds like Hybrid Castors, Hybrid Bajara, Groundnuts, Cumins, Mustards, Moongs, Wheats, fenels, til, Cottin etc...
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Bhoomaa Seeds
Ashadeep Chambers,
Girdhar Patel Marg, Gurunanak Chawk, Palanpur-385001
Phone: (02742) 254025
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Hybrid Castor seeds is one of the most important product in agriculture industry. It’s not only Helps to Reduce Global Warming but also helpful in highly tolerant against insects and diseases. It’s allowed Deep rooted crop, resistant to drought and Grows well in the soil which is not fit for valuable commercial and food crops. It’s Showing most superiority advantages & fast spreading worldwide and requires Minimum rainfall of 300 mm, during growing period can obtain high yield.

As we very few aware of the fact that Castor Seeds are the source of castor oil, which has a wide variety of uses. The Castor Seeds contain 40% to 60% oi. North Gujarat is the largest producer of castor that is rich in Triglycerides, mainly Ricinolein. Castor Bean has been long used as a non edible oil source by mankind, as well as in other industrial application. Bhoomaa is one of the most prominent Hybrid Castor Seeds Manufacturers and Castor Bean Seeds Suppliers in North Gujarat, Rajashthan India.

We at Bhooma Seeds supply finest quality castor seeds which are obtain from trusted vendors across the nation. The seeds are consistent in dimension and glow in weights which are keenly accessible at affordable prices. Bhooma Seeds is engaged in supplying of best possible quality hybrid castor seeds.

Hybrid Castor Seeds cultivate healthy in the soil which is not well for food crops, AGF hybrid castor is gifted tall proceeds crop in rain fed area cultivation, least rainfall of 300 mm, throughout mounting epoch can attain high yield, extremely tolerant beside insects and diseases and it also assist to decrease worldwide warming.

Contact Bhoomaa Seeds at or call us at (02742) 254025.
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